Player Medical Information


If a player is injured during training or a game, an ARU Insurance Claim Form will need to be completed. Administration staff in the Rugby Office will provide you with your registration number and  certify the document as a club official.

It is the player's responsibility to obtain all required information (including a a doctor's and physiotharapist's report) and send the claim form to the nominated address.

Visit our Player Insurance page for more information.


The Club makes a significant investment in medical services each year and is proud of its record for providing excellent medical and physiotherapy services to its players. The health of all players playing for the Club is a priority.

Note - The Club will not cover injuries unrelated to rugby.


  1. It is  the  player's  responsibility  that  any injuries  are  reported  to  their  coach  or manager  immediately.
  2. The player must have had their injury assessed by Monday morning so the coaches will  have  injury  updates  for  team  selection  by Tuesday morning.
  3. The  physiotherapist  and  doctor  will communicate  with  the  coaches  regarding  players'  injuries  and fitness  for  matches  and  training. 
  4. It  is the  player's  responsibility  to  always  speak  directly  with  the  coach/manager  regarding  any  injury  as well.
  5. If a player has not had their injury assessed it is assumed that they will be able to train as usual on  Tuesday  night. 
  6. It is  expected  that if  a  player  seeks  treatment  outside  the  Sports  Clinic  that  they consult the medical staff first so that they may acquire updates from the treating professional.


SUFC adopts the  Australian Rugby Union’s Medical Policy. Further, SUFC contracts the services of Dr. Nathan Gibbs, the current Australian Wallabies Club Doctor, to provide Medical Services to its players and specifically to provide the services of the Club Doctor.


Dr Nathan Gibbs’ works out of the medical room at the Sydney University Football Ground. Players must book an appointment in advance to see Dr Gibbs and you must bring your Medicare Card. All medical consultations are bulk billed for SUFC players.

Dr Gibbs’ clinic hours are:

• Monday morning

• Tuesday and Thursday afternoon sessions.   

Any player with a serious and/or ongoing condition or overuse injury should speak with Dr Gibbs. This allows thorough assessment of your injury, documentation of your problem, as well as the opportunity to organise referrals or investigations as needed during working hours.


The Physio and Doctor will be available before training in the medical room at SUFG. Strapping will take place in the changing rooms.


A Match Day doctor will be present at all Grade and Colts games to assess and treat any acute injuries.

A physiotherapist will be present at all Grade and Colts games and will be available for strapping at the venue an hour before kick-off for each team.

Any player concerned about his ability to play on match days should contact medical staff and their coach prior to match day so that a substitute may be organised. Players who are unwell on match day should contact their coach and medical staff as early as possible on the day.

If instructed to leave the field due to injury by medical staff it is expected that the player should comply.

Following each game all injuries – no matter how minor – must be reported to the Doctor or Physiotherapist before leaving the ground.