Player Insurance

It is mandatory that players at Sydney University Football Club have private health + extras cover.

All  players  must  have  private  medical  insurance  and  will  be  charged  at  a  concession  rate  at  The Sports  Clinic. 

Players  without  private  health  insurance  will  be  charged  for  the  consultation  (at  the student  concession  rates,  if  they  are  full  time  students). 

All  players  must  fill  in  an  ARU  registration form prior to playing in any matches. Any unregistered players  will not be permitted to participate in games until the form is completed.

Please discuss  with your team manager whether you need to fill out insurance forms with respect to specific injuries.

The Club will not cover any injuries unrelated to Rugby.

Serious Injuries

For all serious injuries, players are to complete the ARU Insurance Form and have the club administrator sign the document. It is the players responsibility to have the insurance form completed and sent to Cunningham Lindsey Australia Pty Ltd within 30 days of the injury. Refer to the instructions on the form or the ARU Insurance Plan for more information.