Player Registration

Players must complete the following steps to be officially registered

  1. Complete an online SRU registration form
  2. Pay online registration fee
  3. Complete online player information form
  4. Complete Player Points form (will be completed at training as a club)
  5. Complete any necessary transfers (please email to arrange)
  6. Complete a player care agreement form
  7. Complete a player medical questionnaire form
  8. Ensure you have a HUDL account (please contact Rob Taylor to arrange)
  9. Complete a concussion baseline (please contact Shane Ball to arrange)
  10. Complete Level 1 Anti-Doping and Level 2 Anti-Doping courses. This is a competition rule and a requirement to be eligible for 1st Grade team selection. Certificates to confirm completion are required as proof and to be emailed to
  11. Complete World Rugby anti corruption module.


To register for SUFC, all players are required to have and annual Sydney University Sport and Fitness (SUSF) membership (which is paid on top of SUFC Registration Fee). This fee is $60 for students currently enrolled at Sydney University and $65 for players not students at Sydney University. 

If you have a current Sydney University gym membership at Arena Sports Centre or you are at Residential College at Sydney University you may have already made payment for this Annual SUSF fee.