“Helping the Club, its People and the Game”


SURPASS stands for Sydney University Rugby Players and Stalwarts Society. SURPASS exists to ensure our players are as successful off the field as they are on the field.

Founded in 2010, SURPASS is a collection of past players dedicated to enhancing each other’s careers, and the careers of current players.

Everyone’s a winner

This is achieved in two ways:

  1. Past player networking 
    SURPASS’s key event for the year is the annual past players reunion held at Sydney University Football Ground (No.2 Oval) on Saturday 8th July 2017, when SUFC face MAnly. Separate to that, SURPASS organises learning and development nights for past and current players. The experience of past players in this network is made available to young players to assist them in their career decision making.
  2. Mentoring 
    As past players with a range of career experiences, SURPASS aims to be a ‘bridge’ for players from rugby to career, study or more rugby! Players are introduced to a SURPASS member best suited to their field of study or career interest. The level of support provided is as desired by the player. SURPASS prides itself on being accessible to all players. 



In return for your support as a member of SURPASS, you will recieve the following benefits:  

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