Edward Renton

Edward Renton
  • Utility Back
  • 187
  • 90
  • Easts
  • 2016
  • Colts
  • What is your favourite inspirational quote?

    "When we are no longer able to change a situation... we are challenged to change ourselves." - Viktor Frankl

    What is your nickname?


    Who was your rugby idol growing up, and why?

    Mark Ella - unique playing style and attention to detail

    What is your most memorable moment on the field for SUFC?

    2nd Colts' first win in 2017, against Gordon

    What do you get up to away from the footy field?

    University, reading, working

    Which team do you look forward to playing the most and why?


    What is your personal aim this season?

    To win a grand final alongside my mates

    Who is your funniest teammate?

    Josh Sheridan