Jemima McCalman

Jemima McCalman
  • Wing, Centre
  • 173
  • 66
  • 2018
  • Womens
  • What is your Favourite inspirational quote?

    Pain is only temporary, glory lasts forever.

    What is your nickname?


    Who was your rugby idol growing up, and why?

    My brother. He always had the best attitude, and was driven by the fact he loves the game. 

    What is your most memorable moment on the field for SUFC?

    Claudia Bell getting a run away try, walking the last two metres and dropping the ball on the tryline. 

    What do you get up to away from the footy field?

    Watching The Office for the 100th time, naps, pretending to do Uni work.

    Which team do you look forward to playing the most and why?

    Easts. Dad's old club and I know a few girls in the team which always makes it more fun.

    What is your personal aim this season?

    To learn the rules...

    Who is your funniest teammate?

    Clauds Bell