Physio Treatment Clinic

Players who are injured on the weekend will be instructed by their Physiotherapist to attend The Sports Clinic.

Players who are on the SUFC Priority List must ring the Sports Clinic and book their appointment by 12pm Monday. After 12pm the remaining times allocated to the Club will be made available to all other players.

If you are not on the Priority List then you will be charged the normal concession rate and are responsible for the gap payment incurred. If you would like to see a physiotherapist closer to home then you may do so however must still communicate injury details and progress to the club physiotherapist. This is your responsibility.

• Monday morning (7.00am) will be triage for injuries sustained on the weekend for any player who thinks they may not be able to train on Monday afternoon.

• Screenings are compulsory for nominated players and will be performed prior to Monday, Tuesday and Thursday training in the gym with the Performance and Physiotherapy staff

• Rehab classes are compulsory for nominated players and will take place before training.

• Specific sessions for injured players and those that requiring specific movement preparation (particularly mobility and stability) are available every Monday and Wednesday from 5-7pm and Saturday mornings.

• Monday afternoon will be for treatment for injuries sustained on the previous Saturday only, unless advised by the Grade or Colts Physiotherapist. 

The following times have been allocated to the Club:

Missed appointments will result in a $25 fee being charged and will be reported to  the  Club.  If this recurs then the full physiotherapy consultation fee will be charged and further action will be taken by the Club.


Training for injured players will take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30pm. Saturday Mornings 7am. Players are to arrive at 6pm for a self-warm-up. 

For all Medical enquiries please contact Head Physiotherapist Daniella Thrassis

P:0401 051 291

The Sportss Clinic 
P:  02 9351 8118