The Club welcomes players of all skills and abilities and you need not be a student of Sydney University to register. 2020 Preseason starts Tuesday 5th November and everyone is welcome to join


Preseason training starts Tuesday 7th January 

Tuesday & Thursday: 6pm - St Johns College Oval - Bring runners and boots 


To be fully registered to play for SUFC during 2020 you will need to complete the following registration steps.

No player will be able to represent SUFC until payment and all documents have been completed (this includes receiving kit and playing in trial matches)

  1. $500 Registration fee + SUSF annual membership must be paid online via (click here for guidance) (click here for guidance)
  2. Register on the Fuse Sport App (click here for guidance) (click here for guidance)
  3. Complete a Player Care Agreement Form and return to the rugby office or
  4. Complete a Player Points Form with your coach
  5. NEW PLAYERS ONLYcomplete the online player information form
  6. NEW PLAYERS ONLYComplete a concussion baseline test – contact to book in

If you have any problems completing any of the steps listed, please contact Kirsty Stevens who will be able to assist.

P: 02935 17245