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Wingman 4.5% Premium Lager


24 cans of Wingman 4.5% Premium Lager

Wingman 4.5 - a beer that doesn't hide its alcohol content of 4.5% rather, wears it proudly on pack and in its name. Brewed in Australia from the best quality ingredients that leaves consumers with a refreshing, crisp flavour and no bitter aftertaste. The colour changing logo tells you how when the beer reaches its ideal drinking tempreture of 4.5 degrees. Wingman 4.5 is lower in carbs compared to other premium beers on the market. The beer even reminds you there's 1.2 Standard drinks on the inside of the cap

Taste: Clean, crisp flavour. Low hop character and reduced bitterness/aftertaste. Easy to drink with a light, smooth mouth feel. 

Delivery Note 
Delivery fee of $10 applies to all orders (no collection available). Must be within 20km of Sydney Uni. 

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